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By (and Buy) Dan Woog

I’ve written some books — 16, in fact.  Here they are.

Oh yeah, they’re all available at — except when, as indicated, they aren’t.


Staples High School:  120 Years of A+ Education (available from the Westport Historical Society)
Woog’s World:  The  Book
Woog’s World:  The Sequel
Goals and Glory:  Staples Soccer 1957-1995 (out of print)
Stephen Christopher Martin (out of print)


Dear Dan
Friends and Family:  True Stories of Gay America’s Straight Allies
Gay Men, Straight Jobs
Jocks:  True Stories of America’s Gay Male Athletes
Jocks 2:   Coming Out to Play
School’s Out:  The Impact of Gay and Lesbian Issues on America’s Schools


The Parents’ Guide to Soccer
The Ultimate Soccer Almanac
The Ultimate Soccer Encyclopedia
20 Steps to Better Soccer


Jesse Jackson

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