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Unsung Hero #283

Alert — and active — “06880” reader Marcy Sansolo writes:

This morning, as I ran 4 of the slowest miles on the Staples track, while carefully avoiding being hit by a lacrosse ball, I noticed a woman and her dog out of the corner of my eye.

I saw her first near the baseball field. Then I spotted her on the bleachers, then the track. I also saw her on the hill going towards Bedford Middle School.

She had a white trash bag. At the end of my run I caught up with her, her dog and a trash bag that was now so filled to capacity that she dragged it.

I asked if she picked up other people’s trash often, and she said “yes!” She collects trash when she’s running or walking with her dog.

She told me: “This is my backyard. This is my home. Why wouldn’t I pitch in?”

Her name is Adriana Jardim. She was at first reluctant, but I can be persuasive. She allowed me to take her picture.

Adriana Jardim and friend. (Photo/Marcy Sansolo)

She’s got a fabulous dog, and two kids at Staples. She’s originally from Brazil, but has called Westport home for 18 years.

What a great candidate for Unsung Hero! And if this story inspires other Westporters to be like Adriana, all the better. 

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