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About That I-95 Exit 17 Project …

The ongoing, noisy, environmentally gruesome work being done at and around I-95 Exit 17 has many “06880” readers wondering: “WTF?”

Here’s the official word, from the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s “Welcome to the I-95 Norwalk Westport Project” website:

The Connecticut Department of Transportation announced the start of construction for the I-95 Resurfacing and Median Reconstruction Project to begin July 2022. Anticipated end date is November 1, 2024.

The purpose of this important roadway job is to improve driver safety. This will be achieved by;

Connecticut Department of Transportation I-95 project.

Additionally, several bridges along the corridor will have repairs and specifically, the I-95 over Route 33 (Saugatuck Avenue) will be replaced. A synopsis of the anticipated bridge improvements include:

Proposed landscaping at and around I-95 in Saugatuck. (Click on or hover over to enlarge.)

Other improvements will include the expansion of the Hendricks Ave Park and Ride commuter lot, improved storm water quality treatment, utility relocation, I-95 NB Exit 16 on-ramp extension and the extension of the Yankee Doodle Trail.

Traffic will be maintained at all times during the 6 stages of construction to minimize disruptions to the traveling public.

That’s the official word.

“06880” reader Scott Singer has his own thoughts:

Do you or your sources have any info on who among our elected officials are responsible for monitoring the CT DOT work at Exit 17?

They have thus far removed every possible tree and natural sound/visual boundary, despite their map and plan of maintaining existing trees. It looks like a war zone there.

Exit 17 (Photo/Leslie Ogilvy via Westport Front Porch, Facebook)

For all the worry about Saving Saugatuck and trestle bridge repair, nothing is being done to care for the primary entrance to town.

What is the plan to replant? It’s horrendous there.

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