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Friday Flashback #330

Before there were drones, there were helicopters.

One autumn day in the 1980s, Staples High School graduate Steve Turner took a flight over Westport.

The photographer snapped this dramatic shot:

(Photo/Steve Turner)

The foreground shows Winslow Park. Turner took his photo within a year or two of the July 1987 Representative Town Meeting resolution to condemn the 32-acre property owned by Baron Walter Langer von Langendorff, and a townwide referendum 5 months later affirming that decision.

The town ultimately acquired the land — under eminent domain — for $9.42 million.

Six years later, the Westport News ran a contest to name the property. The overwhelming choice: Winslow Park, in honor of the family that owned it in the mid-1800s. (The Winslows built a large estate there, which later became a sanitarium.)

Take a close look at Turner’s shot. Has Westport changed much in the nearly 40 years since it was taken? (The Playhouse Square condominiums — just to the north of the shopping center and Westport Country Playhouse — were built in 1983; they’re shown here.)

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