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Friday Flashback #313

At the risk of our Friday Flashback becoming all-Compo Beach-all-the-time, I’m posting 4 more postcards from Seth Schachter’s superb Westport-themed collection.

They show clear, wide turn-of-the-century views, of the long stretch of bathhouses that pre-dated the current boardwalk, and the 2-story pavilion nearby.

All that remains today is the roof of the open-air pavilion.

The views below include people enjoying themselves, on the 2nd floor.

A commenter on an earlier Friday Flashback thought that the flag was “photoshopped” in. It’s clear from these postcards that the flag was real.

The early 20th century Compo Beach experience was a bit different from today’s.

In their own way, our great-grandparents had plenty of fun.

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