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Photo Challenge #401

Outdoor dining (COVID-style) came to Westport in 2020. It’s now a permanent, much-appreciated part of life here — perhaps the only good thing to come out of the pandemic (besides working at home).

But for several years before that, a wrought-iron table and 2 chairs has sat outside Pane e Bene restaurant, on the Post Road heading toward Southport. (Click here to see.)

Perhaps it’s a whimsical piece of art. Perhaps it’s subtle marketing. Perhaps it’s both.

But one thing is sure: Jeffrey Ruden, Michael Calise, Andrew Colabella, Mark Soboslai, Peter J. Swift, Mary Ann Batsell and Ron Henkin all knew exactly where to find last week’s Photo Challenge.


You may have to work a bit to figure out this week’s Photo Challenge. Then again, this is Labor Day weekend …

(Photo/Jerry Kuyper)

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