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Optimum Online: The Sequel

Last week, “06880” featured a hard-hitting story about issues afflicting Optimum customers in several Westport neighborhoods.

What happened next?

Randi Nazem writes:

After our story was posted, a reader commented with contact info for the CEO of Optimum.

My husband reached out, told him our issue, and sent him the “06880” article.

The CEO immediately sent word to all the head honchos  at Optimum, at the corporate level. Within an hour, the head of Optimum in our area called us. He sent a head technician out the next morning.

The tech did a ton of troubleshooting. He spent many hours testing each of our devices, to see what was causing the interference in our WiFi. They pinpointed the issue, and fixed it on Saturday. The same tech gave us his cell number, and said if there were any issues to call him.

All day Saturday all we had strong WiFi, with no drop in service. On Sunday, the same. S

On Sunday afternoon, the tech called to ask if all was ok. I told him all seemsed good, and that he fixed the issue.

But it didn’t stop there. He called again Monday morning, then stopped by to fix one thing he had forgotten to recconnect in my husband’s office. He went above and beyond anything Optimum had ever done for us.

After he left, the head of corporate followed up with a call. He said our bill will reflect a credit for the days we did not have WiFi. He also lowered our monthly bill by a few bucks. Did you know that if you have auto bill pay you get $5 off your monthly bill? We didn’t, and no one ever offered or told us🤣 )

Simply put, the service we have received from these top guys has been nothing short of top notch. We owe it all to “06880.” Thank you for taking time to post our issue — and to the reader who offered the CEO’s contact information too.

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