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“06880” Podcast: Jen Tooker

It’s been 8 months since Jen Tooker took over the 1st Selectwoman’s office at Town Hall.

She’s spent that time settling in, setting priorities, and putting them in motion.

Now it’s time to reflect on it all.

The other day, 1st Selectwoman Tooker and I sat on the Westport Library Trefz Forum stage. We chatted about those first months: what she’s done, what she’s learned, what’s her style, and what compels her to serve.

It was a fascinating, draw-back-the-curtain half hour. It’s an instructive podcast too, for every Westporter — and those who once called this place home. Click here for the link to view.

Screenshot of Jen Tooker on “06880: The Podcast.”

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