Roundup: Staples Basketball, Starbucks Accident, Strange Sign …

The new boys basketball coach at Staples High School is a familiar face.

Assistant coach Dave Goldshore replaces head coach Colin Devine. The 15-year veteran stepped down, to pursue administrative opportunities.

Goldshore — a former basketball star and quarterback at Horace Greeley High in Chappaqua, New York — got the coaching bug as University of Michigan student manager during the “Fab Five” era.

He cites the influence of his own high school coaches, for helping shape his values. “It’s an honor to give back,” says Goldshore, who began assisting Devine in 2017.

“I have big shoes to fill,” he notes. His goal is to “continue building a program that prides itself on class, competitive spirit and community.”

Goldshore has been Staples’ defensive coordinator. Offensively, his philosophy is to “empower kids to pay to their strengths.” He also calls himself “a big culture guy,” in areas like spirit and accountability.

A Westport resident since 2004, nd president of a technology staffing firm, Goldshore calls it “an honor and privilege to represent Staples basketball in my town.”

Dave Goldshore


The line of cars waiting on the Post Road to turn into the Starbucks drive-thru has been described as “an accident waiting to happen.”

There was one yesterday. It involved only a single vehicle:

I’m not quite sure how this happened. Yet if I had to go out on a limb (or a boulder), I’d bet my house on: texting.


Speaking of bad parking:

Sure, the “06880” bar for “entitled parking” photos is usually high: 3 spaces or more.

But I’m posting this. with “only” 2 spots today because it is so breathtakingly selfish.

“06880” readers can’t make their usual excuses, like “maybe it was a medical emergency” or “what if the brakes failed?”

Parking is tight in Brooks Corner. Merchants there deserve all the help they can get.

And no, police can’t ticket this Very Important Driver. It’s a private lot.


For a while, a homemade anti-Biden sign greeted visitors coming off Merritt Parkway Exit 42, at the entrance to a driveway on Main Street, between St. George Place and Wassell Lane.

Now there’s a newer, more aggressive one:

(Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

It’s clear the homeowner doesn’t like our president.

I wonder who he voted for, though. Once the January 6 hearings are over, I’ll try to figure out who that “guy that put America first” could possibly be.


Seen at last night’s Yankee Doodle Fair: the Westport 9U district travel baseball team.

(Photo/Stephanie Mastocciolo)

The fair continues tonight (Friday, 6 to 10 p.m.), tomorrow (Saturday, 1 to 10 p.m.), and Sunday (1 to 5 p.m.), at the Westport Woman’s Club grounds by the Imperial Avenue parking lot.


A new store is coming to 46-48 Post Road East, next to Tiffany.

Blue & Cream is a “fashion-forward boutique brand operating in the Hamptons and NYC.” No word on when it will open.

The new home of Blue & Cream (left).


There’s a new way to get to Sherwood Island this summer.

Wheels2UWestport’s Park Connect service provides free weekend rides to and from anywhere in its service area to Connecticut’s first state park.

Riders can use the same Wheels2U app they use for rides to and from Westport’s 2 train stations.  Click here for more information.


Saugatuck Rowing Club had a successful week at the USRowing National Youth Championships in Sarasota, Florida.

The U17 4+ squad (Madeline Casano) Anne Cuesta, Ella Hecker, Hannah Makmale, Maddiel Speller) defender the club’s national title.

The U17 8+ (Rosie Lundberg, Victoria Bazarko, Claudia Chadwick, Alexandra Cowan, Maia Freeman, Leighton Davis, Mia Kirkorsky, Phoebe Bryan and Charlotte Seymour) took bronze, while the girls’ first and second varsity 8s placed 7th and 8th, respectively.

The boys’ first varsity 8 finished 6th. The U16 8+ was 6th, the 2V 8+ took 7th, and U17 4+ 7th, and the U17 4x 17th.

Saugatuck Rowing Club’s national champion U17 4+ team (from left): Maddie Speller, Anna Cuesta, Hannah Makmale, Ella Hecker, Madeline Casano.


It’s a gray morning. But Jonathan Prager’s “Westport … Naturally” Owenoke Park rose photo will brighten this — or any — day.

(Jonathan Prager)


And finally … in honor of the Westport Woman’s Club’s signature fundraiser, running tonight through Sunday (story above), here are 2 very different tunes:

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35 responses to “Roundup: Staples Basketball, Starbucks Accident, Strange Sign …

  1. Gloria Gouveia

    Really? Since when are signs like the anti-Biden rants permitted in residence zones or anywhere else in Town? Really?

  2. Congratulations to the rowers, especially the National Champs!

    Tow the bad parker!

  3. Jeff Arciola

    That sign was being nice. The truth hurts doesn’t it. This administration is a disgrace and embarrassment. Can’t wait until November. The snowflakes will be melting.

  4. Jonathan Berg

    No one likes the administration when times are tough but that sign is simply advertising that the homeowner is an A-hole. Which would be good to know, if they’d have signed it.

  5. Michael Mossman

    Putting up a sign like that is like a public admission of being a crack addict.
    The January 6th investigation won’t cure MAGA crack addicts. They don’t care about evidence or the rule of law. They just want to feel good.

    Only applying the law firmly and fairly and with evidence can address the lawlessness of Trump and the other alleged conspirators of the attempted murder of Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi and the murder of a police officer.

    Leave Mr. or Ms. crack sign poster to deal with their personal issues. Voting, demanding justice and supporting honest candidates in either party will help cure our country’s addiction to conspiracy theories and armed mob rule fantasies.

    Let’s keep Westport the model of the good we want to see.

  6. Dan, why not keep politics out of the blog…no matter if its from the right or left. There are crackheads on both sides.

    • Russell Gontar

      And what would be an example of crackheads on the left that are the equivalant of “hang Mike Pence” to which DJT responded, “maybe he should be hung”.

    • Jack, the tagline of “06880” is “Where Westport Meets the World.” In my daily Roundup, I try to provide an overview of what’s going on in Westport — events, happenings, slices of life.

      I have received 8-10 emails in the past few days about this sign. It’s being talked about in town. It’s in a very visible location. It’s part of life here. I’m not sure why you don’t think it belongs on “06880.”

      I’ve posted about gun violence, upcoming elections, Board of Ed and Finance meetings, etc. Don’t those qualify as “politics” too?

      • Jack Singer

        Hi again Dan. With regard to “politics” I differentiate between our Board of Ed and the highest position in our country. I appreciate that you are reporting on news generated in our community and that the sign is indeed news. But you added an editorial comment which makes its more opinion than news. Its your blog and your right. Thanks for keeping us informed…we love 06880.

        • Thanks for understanding, Jack. I do try to keep a balance between all types of stories. I also try to keep my own views (mostly) out of it. But it is my blog (you’re right!) and from time to time I can’t help myself.

          Hopefully I don’t do that too much. And of course, the Comments section is open to those who disagree. Please use your real, full name though. It’s important to stand by whatever you believe.

  7. Jerry Kuyper

    Selfish parking makes me angry too, but I think many people overlook the driving force that leads people to park like idiots…

    The knuckleheads that throw their doors open into adjacent cars.
    – Having a large vehicle with large doors only adds to the problem.
    – Having an expensive car leads to people going out of their bounds to protect their investment

    • Understood. So if people want to take up two spaces to protect their investment, they should do the right thing, and do it in the far corner of an empty lot.

      If one driver thinks it’s okay to do this in an always-filled lot like Brooks Corner, what’s to stop other drivers from doing the same there? Pretty soon, you’d have a lot “filled” at half capacity.

  8. Jerry Kuyper

    Fully agree Dan, I often choose to park my 2007 Prius away from crowd or at least between modest sized cars.
    My preference to use use my bike for errands that don’t involve heavy or cumbersome packages – turns an errand into bit of fresh air and fun exercise

    • Peter Barlow

      Yes, I agree too. For years I parked my beloved Honda Civic in a distant location to avoid the door-slamming parkers, particularly the ones in two-door (wider) vehicles. Now I find there is a solution, especially just for people like me. It’s called a Handicap emblem and it allows me to park exactly where I want to be and there’s a line of wide white stripes on each side of the space. So, to all the errant parkers I can say, “Break a leg!”

  9. Mike Calise…100%.

  10. Dermot Meuchner

    The fellow on Maple Ave.S also has witty signage and accompanying flags too. American political discourse is a thing of beauty.

    • Dick Lowenstein

      The flags, pennants, and one-handwritten sign (with a recent spelling error correction) are on Maple Avenue NORTH not South. They have been there in some form or fashion since before the 2020 election. Initially, residents on the other side had opposing messages, but those signs came down once the election results were confirmed

  11. Carl Addison Swanson

    Jeez, I wrote an email to a gal complaining about her attempt to negate a well deserved commission of my wife and the cops came to my door. While I am a vast proponent of free speech as a former federal attorney, the aforementioned sign borders on profanity with term “blows” and thus subject to ordinance mandates. Further, it is just a white trash approach to promulgate the owner’s ego, certainly nothing of political and/or community significance or importance.

  12. You must have been a lousy federal attorney, Mr. Swanson…the word “blows” in no way approaches profanity and, even if it did, it is up to the local community to determine whether it offends. It is frequently a word used on TV as is crap, screw, bitch, bastard and friggin’.

    • Carl Addison Swanson

      A Jersey court mandated the sign “Socialism Sucks,Biden Blows” as profanity and mandated its removal in August of 2021. And your community standards approach (“I know it when I see it”) has long been updated. I helped take down Enron and received two presidential citations. And you?

  13. Steve Stein

    Freedom of speech is an American ideal given to all of us- right, left and center- our cherished first amendment right.

    But common sense and common decency usually keeps most of us from shouting out our deepest thoughts as we walk around downtown Westport while shopping or strolling. We don’t want to intrude on other people’ space or offend anyone who might happen to be near us. (Many do gather on the Steinkraus Bridge to express their feelings as community and to be seen and heard. And we can honk or not to express our feelings).

    This home owner has decided to permanently and perpetually shout at everyone getting off the Merritt using in your face oversized signage! Personally- I don’t care to hear or see what this person thinks – I totally disagree with the method and message. Just one more thing to feel bad about beside COVIC, climate change, Putin and Trump!

    Hopefully- Someday this home owner with the indiscriminate courage of his convictions may actually stand in front of the sign handing out leaflets using his actual freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Or he could put his picture on the sign or a billboard – so everyone can attach a face to the person using his freedom of speech to express his political view point- like the people who gather on the Bridge.

    • Chris Grimm

      Very well said, Steve.

      Many Trump supporters seem to have followed their leader by being as obnoxious as possible. These signs take free speech into “sullying the neighborhood” territory. I remember Trumpers saying in 2016, “you lost, deal with it.” Clearly many don’t live by the same standard.

      I don’t quite get how the Maple Ave N signs help the owner’s farmstand business, either.

      The upside of the signs is that now you can tell who amongst us supports sedition.

      • Until now we have had the power of the vote to decide who will be our leaders resulting in the peaceful and lawful transfer of power based on our elections.

        Then along comes Trump claiming the vote isn’t fair if he loses (before, during and after the election) and despite 61 court decisions against his claims of election fraud, despite his telephone calls to REPUBLICAN state officials in the swing states to find the votes he needs but does not have, despite a recount in Arizona by a hand picked partisan company (afraid to lie and overturn the results of the election- a federal crime), despite failing at cajoling and intimidating his own vice president to declare Trump the winner, despite despite an attack on our capital by a racist, antisemitic, anti democratic, anti police mob, despite REPUBLICAN leaders McConnell and McCarthy saying what he did was criminal- – there are REPUBLICAN in out town and in our nation who still back Trump and would try to reelect him!!

        Sorry to say- I call that deplorable!!

        Please someone shed light on what I am missing!!
        What message am I missing?
        What do you see that keeps you backing this guy!

  14. Regarding your New Jersey liberal court ruling on signage speech, I’ll raise you at least three similar court rulings (Texas, FL and AL) saying similar signage are protected as free speech unless there are ordinances against the signs and not the speech! (There are numerous variations across 28 states)

    • Chris Grimm

      What’s Westport’s billboard regulation? Because we don’t have them on Post Road. I’m surprised that the equivalent would be allowed in residential neighborhoods, no matter the message.

      • Werner Liepolt

        Regulations regarding signs say no more than two feet squared and no more than 6 feet high.