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Historic Homeowner Says: “Please Return Our Fixtures And Furniture!”

For a while, it looked like the South Morningside home owned for decades by  noted artists Walter and Naiad Einsel — and before that, Charles B. Sherwood (of Sherwood Island fame) — would be demolished.

A developer bought the property, and — despite its history, and its location on wetlands — tried to take advantage of the state 8-30g statute. It takes precedence over historic districts and flooding issues.

Three years ago, the developer and town reached a settlement. The handsome structures were saved.

The Morningside Drive South home of Walter and Naiad Einsel.

Since the beginning of this year, Lillie Fortino Tsahirides and here husband have been renovating the Victorian home. Their goal is to reuse and rehabilitate as many of the original fixtures and elements possible.

On  Thursday they learned that 2 to 3 people entered the property during working hours — while contractors were there — and helped themselves to light fixtures, furniture, and other elements.

“I guess they assumed it was trash,” Lillie writes on the Facebook Front Porch page.

One of the “missing” light fixtures.

She adds: “While it’s upsetting to know that individuals thought it alright to enter our private property, I’m really devastated over the loss of irreplaceable original fixtures. Someone went so far as to help themselves to our dog’s poop scoop.”

She’s taking the high road: “If you were one of those who mistakenly thought these items were up for grabs/intended for trash, please, PLEASE, return them.

“It’s hard to imagine several people would blatantly rob us in broad daylight, so I’m hoping this is all a big misunderstanding.

“If you know of someone who was involved, please ask them to return the poperty, no questions asked.”

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