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Westport Firefighters Send Protective Gear To Ukraine

The Westport Fire Department has donated used personal protective equipment — including coats, pants and boots — to Ukraine.

Fire marshal Nathaniel Gibbons organized the project. Yesterday he delivered the turnout gear, to be shipped to Ukrainian firefighters.

Gibbons says, “Firefighters support one another around the county and the world. The men and women of Ukraine fighting fire under war conditions reached out for our support- so we responded. We support them and their fight for freedom.”

Fire marshal Nathaniel Gibbons and Uliana Khovanets, liaison with Ukraine Post, with Westport Fire Department gear headed to Ukraine.

Fire Chief Michael Kronick adds, “Imagine trying to put out a fire without the proper equipment. There are raging fires in cities, forests and fields from the numerous bombing attacks, which firefighters work around the clock to put out. We know that our equipment will save lives, and help the firefighters.”

Gibbons thanks Westporter Mark Yurkiw. Fluent in Ukrainian, he expedited the communication and logistics necessary to get the gear directly to Ukraine Emergency Services.

The National Fire Protection Association specifies that structural turnout gear should be retired when the garment is beyond repair and no longer able to pass the NFPA test. Though the donated gear is past its technical expiration date for use in the US, it is clean, in serviceable condition, and ready to provide protection to Ukrainian firefighters.

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