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Ryder Chasin Bought An Unplanned, Legally Banned, Off-Brand Rapid Test. And Won $1,000.

When Jimmy Fallon’s team picks 2 “Tonight Show” audience members to write a song in less than an hour, the result is usually impressive.

Last night, it was Ryder Chasin turn. The result was brilliant.

The 2014 Staples High School graduate — sporting a Staples baseball cap, no less — was given his title: “I Bought an Off-Brand Rapid Test.”

You or I might be intimidated. Ryder was confident.

For one thing, he’s a writer at Sesame Workshop. For another, he majored in journalism, and minored in film, media studies and creative non-fiction at Northwestern University.

For a third, he’s used to performing (as a member of the Players drama troupe) and pressure (as a baseball player). He’s also multi-talented: In high school he worked on radio and TV production, and was a Top Hat tutor and National Honor Society student.

Oh, yeah: He’s done improv, too.

Ryder looked completely confident as he joked with Fallon. He sauntered over to the electric organ — not a piano, as he corrected the host — smiled, and belted out a very clever tune.

His hour’s work earned him $1,000. Plus a “Tonight Show” notebook to write more songs in.

And the applause of a grateful audience, which has had far too little to laugh about where COVID is concerned.

Click below for the entire clip:

(Hat tips: Dan Donovan, John McCarthy and Beth Cody)

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