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Campaign Helps JoyRide Spin Its Wheels

When Amy Hochhauser and Rhodie Lorenz founded JoyRide in 2011, they wanted more than just a spin studio.

They wanted to create a community.

Ten years later, they’ve achieved that. Riders and instructors feel part of something bigger than themselves. They form friendships. They push and inspire each other.

And whenever any organization asks for help, JoyRide says “sure!” In the past decade, they’ve raised $1 million for worthy causes.

JoyRide was a lifesaver — physically and mentally — for many Westporters during COVID.

But the pandemic has been tough on JoyRide — on the entire fitness industry, in fact. One-third of all facilities have closed. Nearly 1.5 million jobs were lost.

JoyRide has never been about just profits. But, the owners says, they’re out of options.

So a group of loyal riders started a GoFundMe drive, to help the studio stay open.

The page includes a compelling video. Riders, instructors and owners describe — sometimes emotionally — what JoyRide means to them.

It’s the kind of thing you see every so often, when a beloved bookstore or coffee shop is threatened.

I’ve never heard of similar sentiments for a cycling studio.

Then again, I’ve never heard of a place quite like JoyRide. (Click here for the GoFundMe page.)

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