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Unsung Heroes #217

Grateful — and surprised — “06880” reader Gina Ryan writes:

I had the most wonderful surprise tonight. I was having dinner by myself at Spotted Horse in Westport, when my server informed me that my entire tab was taken care of by another patron of the restaurant.

I sent my thanks — only to find out that the person had already left. The server told me it was a Terri Priori (if I understood the name correctly).

It meant a lot to me. This week has been challenging. We had Thanksgiving 4 days earlier, on Sunday, because my 3 young granddaughters would d be going away to spend holiday weekend with their father. My paramedic son and ER daughter-in-law were working on Thanksgiving. I had a quiet day, but relished the long phone calls I had with a son, daughter, brother, and sister.

I was feeling kind of down on Black Friday. I went to the movies, window shopped on Main Street, read for a while at the library, then went to the Spotted Horse for dinner before going home to an empty house.

My spirits were lifted by the kindness of the person who noticed me, and decided to gift me with dinner. I usually perceive myself as being invisible, so I was shocked at the generosity.

I would like my benefactor to know that I am giving an amount equal to my tab to Homes with Hope. I am truly grateful to live in this kind and generous community.

Gina, your benefactor is an Unsung Hero this week. But so are you — for paying it forward so thoughtfully. Now, if every “06880” reader could do the same: what a wonderful Westport this would be!

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