“06880, The Podcast”: John Dodig

As Pride Month begins, there is no better LGBTQ role model than John Dodig.

An educator for 47 years, it was only in his last 11 that he was out publicly as a gay man. But what an 11 years those were.

As principal of Staples High School, Dodig fostered an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance for all. He was admired and adored by students, staff, and the entire community.

But it took a lifetime of struggle for Dodig to get there.

The other day, I sat with him in the Westport Library’s Trefz Forum. We talked about his career in education, his journey as a gay man, and what it all means for him and our community today.

As always, Dodig was clear, honest, incisive, and very funny. Click here for the newest “06880: The Podcast” interview.

Happy Pride!

Screenshot from John Dodig’s podcast interview.

4 responses to ““06880, The Podcast”: John Dodig

  1. Ngassam Ngnoumen

    Belonging, being seen/celebrated, and self love are all aspects of humanity that are deserved by all. Thanks for the podcast.

  2. Clark Thiemann

    This was a wonderful podcast and students and this town was lucky to have such a wonderful principal at Staples!

  3. Bruce McFadden

    Thank you Dan and John for an excellent interview!

  4. Robert Selverstone

    John and Dan: Thank you so much for this spectacular interview. I regret that my own tenure at Staples ended before I had the opportunity to teach in his school — our school. I have forwarded this interview to a (currently “closeted”) 9th grader who is a student at another high school. It is inspirational. And thanks also to Dan Woog for being the superb role model that he is.