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Roundup: NewBrook, Law Enforcement, More

After 4 years in business, many Westporters still have not heard of NewBrook Kitchen + Artisan Market. COVID — which knocked out indoor seating — has not helped.

That’s a shame.

The small, friendly Saugatuck Avenue paleo café/bakery/cooking school/all-purpose event kitchen has something for everyone. NewBrook calls itself

They’re gluten-, dairy-, soy- and refined-sugar free. But, they say, “we’re never free from taste!” The tagline is: “Where the modern cave people dine.” (During the pandemic, of course, all dining is takeout.)

They’ve just added 3 new entrees (all very popular as specials), a new salad and toppers, additional wraps, and a “pressed panini of the week.”

With mother/daughter team of Cindy and Danielle Hartog the only 2 employees, NewBrook might be the most COVID-friendly spot in town.

Besides the full daily menu, they offer a wide retail array of gluten-free snacks, ingredients, and hard-to-find products.

Click here for the full new menu. A special Valentine’s Day meal is available for pickup February 11. Click here for more information on NewBrook. It’s open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Dr. Joan and Dennis Poster wrote yesterday:

“A very big shout-out to the entire Westport Police Department on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. For all they do every day keeping our community safe, and for all those that serve: Thank you! Be well, and be safe.”

Amen! We are so lucky to have the officers and leaders that we do. “06880” adds a hearty “thank you” to all.

(Photos/Amy Berkin)

And finally … Jim Croce was born today in 1943. The singer/songwriter died — way too young — at 30, in a plane crash.

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