Roundup: NewBrook, Law Enforcement, More

After 4 years in business, many Westporters still have not heard of NewBrook Kitchen + Artisan Market. COVID — which knocked out indoor seating — has not helped.

That’s a shame.

The small, friendly Saugatuck Avenue paleo café/bakery/cooking school/all-purpose event kitchen has something for everyone. NewBrook calls itself

They’re gluten-, dairy-, soy- and refined-sugar free. But, they say, “we’re never free from taste!” The tagline is: “Where the modern cave people dine.” (During the pandemic, of course, all dining is takeout.)

They’ve just added 3 new entrees (all very popular as specials), a new salad and toppers, additional wraps, and a “pressed panini of the week.”

With mother/daughter team of Cindy and Danielle Hartog the only 2 employees, NewBrook might be the most COVID-friendly spot in town.

Besides the full daily menu, they offer a wide retail array of gluten-free snacks, ingredients, and hard-to-find products.

Click here for the full new menu. A special Valentine’s Day meal is available for pickup February 11. Click here for more information on NewBrook. It’s open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Dr. Joan and Dennis Poster wrote yesterday:

“A very big shout-out to the entire Westport Police Department on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. For all they do every day keeping our community safe, and for all those that serve: Thank you! Be well, and be safe.”

Amen! We are so lucky to have the officers and leaders that we do. “06880” adds a hearty “thank you” to all.

(Photos/Amy Berkin)

And finally … Jim Croce was born today in 1943. The singer/songwriter died — way too young — at 30, in a plane crash.

2 responses to “Roundup: NewBrook, Law Enforcement, More

  1. Jim Croce was very popular when he died, having had 2 top 10 hits in the previous 3 years as well as additional hits. He had a holiday song that got played on the pop and rock stations regularly for a number of years. The title, “It Doesn’t Have to Be that Way,” isn’t exactly Christmassy, but it was an Xmas song and treated as such on the airwaves. After not hearing it for many years I began hearing it again when I moved to Upstate NY in 1999 on the local stations here. They have also dropped it at this point, I again haven’t heard it for several years, but it was yet another of his notable songs.

    Dan, I think the first two songs you have linked are indeed his best.

  2. Bill Strittmatter

    I recall shortly after Jim Croce died, a high school teacher of mine, with a perfectly straight face, told our class that we’d better go out and buy Croce’s albums since they wouldn’t be making any more since he was dead. Struck me as odd claim at the time but to this day I’m not sure if he was trying to yank our chains (there were some gullible people in the class) or if he actually believed it. One would think the former but…