Roundup: Twilight Zone, Top Restaurants, More

One of my favorite New Year’s traditions is the SyFy channel’s “Twilight Zone” marathon.

It airs December 31 and January 1 — one great, thought-provoking, stand-the-test-of-time episode after another.

Rod Serling began writing and introducing his stories while he lived in Westport — right down the street from my family, in fact, on High Point Road.

Some were influenced by this suburban, post-war town. And “A Stop at Willoughby” — with a train conductor calling out to a time traveler, “Next stop: Westport!” — is on tomorrow (Thursday, December 31) at 9:20 p.m. Click here for the full schedule.

Congratulations to The Cottage and Kawa Ni — and their owners, Brian Lewis and Bill Taibe respectively. Both are included in Connecticut Magazine’s list of the Top 15 restaurants in the state.

That means our town includes more than 13% of all the best restaurants!

Did you miss last night’s full Full Cold Moon?

Wendy Crowther sure didn’t.

(Photo/Wendy Crowther)

And finally … influential bluegrass and new acoustic singer/guitarist Tony Rice died Saturday in North Carolina. He was 69.


8 responses to “Roundup: Twilight Zone, Top Restaurants, More

  1. Dan — Thank you for another year of helping former Westporters keep tuned to the pulse of the town, and best wishes for a healthy and happy new year as we look forward to continuing to drink from your fire hose.

  2. Dan, I love your stories and the pictures. They always brighten my day. The Twilight Zone episode was a favorite of mine. Wishing fellow westporters and former westporters who follow this wonderful blog a healthy, safe and prosperous 2021!

  3. Dan, thank you for noting Tony Rice’s passing. He was one of the most amazing musicians I ever had the chance to see live and though his voice and hands had been silenced by health issues for many years, his influence is still felt in today’s generation of musicians and his artistry lives on in his many recordings.

  4. Wendy Crowther

    Hey Dan, I’m not sure why you’ve called last night’s moon the Fox Moon. It was actually the “Full Cold Moon” or the “Full Long Night’s Moon.” It’s the final full moon of the decade and it’s also the 13th full moon in 2020. It’s not often that we have 13 in a year.

    Supposedly, It was nicknamed the Cold Moon by Native Americans – specifically the Mohawks. It refers to the cold temperatures that set in at this time of year. As for the long night reference, it apparently comes from the fact that the nights are the longest at this time of year and the full moon sits above the horizon throughout that very long night.

  5. Peter Jennings

    My grass is blue !

    Thanks for sharing Dan, and Amy