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Friday Flashback #221

“Westport … A Special Place” is the gift that keeps on giving.

Written and compiled by Eve Potts, and designed by Howard Munce, the Westport Historical Society project is filled with amazing local photos from a time long gone.

Speaking of gifts: Here’s an image from the book. It’s Christmas 1888, “at the seaside estate that became Longshore.”


I have no idea who any of these people are. But all have stories.

What are their relationships with each other? Why is the plump guy at the lower left not looking at the camera? Is there an infant in the carriage? How come they all seem so solemn? (Even the “Merry Christmas” sign looks stern.) Are the kids on the top step planning something? Is the boy at the far left slyly pointing to the statute? Whose dog is it? Who knew that people in 1888 even had pets?

This is a wonderful look back at a Westport Christmas, 132 years ago. In 2152, when our descendants see an image of Christmas 2020, what will they think?

I know the first question: “Why did they all wear masks?!”

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