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Photo Challenge #308

Last week’s Photo Challenge took readers on a romp around town.

From Sasco Creek and Kowalsky Farm to Winslow Park, Canal Street, Earthplace, White Barn Theater and a slew of preserves (Haskins, Newman-Poses, Leonard Schine), readers tried to identify exactly where the trees, flowers and plants in Chip Stephens’ photo could be found.

The answer — after a couple of hints from yours truly — is: Partrick Wetlands.

That’s the good-sized property off Wilton Road, not far from the Y and the Red Barn. Developers have had their eyes on it for a while. So far, it’s remained undeveloped.

Just like — surprise! — so much else in Westport, as readers noted in the list above.

Click here to enjoy this often-overlooked, but always appreciated, untouched property. And congratulations to Wendy Crowther: the first (and only) reader to nail the challenge.

Here’s this week’s image. It could have been taken anywhere in Westport — but where is it exactly? If you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Tom Lowrie)

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