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CT App Aids COVID Contact Tracing

Since March, Connecticut residents have primarily learned of possible exposure to someone with COVID-19 by phone calls and word of mouth.

Now there’s a third: a smartphone app.

“COVID Alert CT” is completely confidential. No personal information is shared. And it’s free, for Apple and Android users.

After downloading (click here), Bluetooth senses whether your device has been within 6 feet — for 15 minutes or more in one day — of someone who tested positive for the coronavirus.

If so — and that infected person is also using the app on their personal device — an alert is triggered.

A notification is not triggered if 2 devices pass by for a short duration, or stay more than 6 feet away from each other.

If a user tests positive, a contact tracer from the Connecticut Department of Public Health, their local health department or their higher education institution will ask if they are willing to share the “close contact” codes their app has logged while they may have been contagious.

If the user agrees, a contract tracer will provide them with a verification code.
Once that code is submitted through the app, those individuals who came within 6 feet of that user for more than 15 minutes and who also are using the app will receive a notification on their device that they were in close contact with someone with COVID-19.

Sharing this status is secure and private. The app will never reveal who the user is to anyone else.

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