Roundup: Remarkable Theater, Balducci’s, Post Office, More

The Remarkable Theater was this summer’s surprise entertainment hit. The group — whose focus is bringing a movie house back to Westport — pivoted during the pandemic, procuring an outdoor screen and showing several drive-in films a week at the Imperial Avenue parking lot.

The site is just south of the Westport Woman’s Club — which every year for nearly a century has run the beloved Yankee Doodle Fair. The event spills into the parking lot, and is a major fundraiser that allows the WWC to provide aid to many local nonprofits.

The Remarkable Theater’s premiere event — “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” — was a fundraiser for the Woman’s Club. The other day, Remarkable president Marina Derman (bottom row, right) presented a check to WWC past president Christina McVaney. Watching from the steps above are Remarkable vice president/creative director Doug Tirola and club president Karen Kleine.

Balducci’s filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last night. No word yet on the fate of the Westport location.

A rally Saturday in support of the US Postal Service drew a small crowd to the Norwalk Post Office. Several Westporters attended, including Hallie Picorello (lower right).

(Photo/Carmine Picorello)

And finally … I’ve been waiting for a while to include this. As summer starts to fade, now is as good a time as any.

6 responses to “Roundup: Remarkable Theater, Balducci’s, Post Office, More

  1. India van Voorhees

    WHAT??? Balducci’s??? They’ve been supplying me with food (via Instacart) through this entire pandemic. What would I do without them?
    Fingers crossed the store here will remain open.

  2. JON SEBASTIAN! What a Sweetheart…whenever we catch up with him, you see such a gentle soul…and so funny! I love to watch him with my boys, the young ones and the not-so-anymore, who together with him, share the stories and jokes and songs… always a joy. Such a happy thought. Thank you for that…needed it on this (non-vacation-in-August) Monday.

  3. Jeff. Arciola

    Some really bright protestors. If the post office wasn’t funded by the government they would of been out of business years ago. They lose billions a year. Typical Westport snowflakes. I’m sure mommy and daddy are proud of you.