0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 12 Gallery

We’ve reached another milestone: Month 3 of our online art gallery.

For the past quarter of a year — yikes! — our readers have shared their remarkable creativity and spirit. Throughout the pandemic — and now, the latest social upheaval — you’ve sent us your work. Your many moods are reflected in your paintings, collages, sketches, photos, sculptures, cartoons and videos.

Please keep ’em coming. Professional, amateur, old, young — we want it all. Student submissions are particularly welcome!

The only rule: It must be inspired by, reflective of, or otherwise related to the times we’re going through. Email dwoog@optonline.net.

“COVID Studio Cleanup” (Nina Bentley)

“After the Pandemic” (Lawrence Weisman)

“Dead Man Walking: ‘I Can’t Breathe'” (Karen Weingarten)

“Are We Ready Yet?” (Robbie Sumberg)

“The Clown Puppet” (Werner Liepolt)

“Chaos” (Amy Schneider)

“The Trump Swamp” (Aimee Garn)

“To Hold You” (Charlie Taylor and Helen Steene)



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