Osprey Update!

Time for an osprey update! Carolyn Doan — who for several years has taken magnificent photos of the Fresh Market raptors — reports:

At first glance today I was excited to see the female, but also a bit worried. She looked disheveled, and was definitely having a bad feather day.

However, she stood on the edge of the nest looking inward and down. That’s a good sign that there are probably chicks in there.

As I watched, the male flew in to offer support. He spruced things up a bit by shifting around some outer sticks, and stayed for awhile. After making sure all was well, he flew off again — most likely in search of fish.

(Photos/Carolyn Doan)

I had a lovely conversation with the workers in the parking lot, who offered to call up to a co-worker on the roof to check for chicks.

I didn’t hear back from them, but they suspect there is a family due to lots of noise and the female calling downward — maybe to ask that the noise be kept to a minimum!

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