Good Morning, Olivia!

A couple of years ago, Westporter Olivia Cohn invented Happy Ride. The personal air vent cured car sickness — while not bothering other passengers.

She was in 4th grade at the time.

Happy Ride earned her a National Invention Convention medal.

Her video was posted on YouTube. A producer at “Good Morning America” saw it, and loved it.

He contacted Coleytown Elementary School. Administrators did not give out her number. So the producer reached out to Town Hall; Olivia’s dad Neil is on the website, as a Planning & Zoning Commission alternate.

Flash forward to today. Olivia — now a Bedford Middle School 6th grader — was on “Good Morning America’s” 3rd hour. It’s called “GMA3 Strahan, Sara & Keke,” and airs at 1 p.m. on the East Coast.

All week long, GMA is featuring inventors. On Friday she’ll be on again, with the other 4.

Olivia, her invention (left) and the “Good Morning America” hosts.

Olivia continues to do great things. She’s very involved in sciences, and solving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

She’s also part of a worldwide group called Girls In Science 4SDGs. Click here for one of her great posts.

The group will help moderate the UN’s annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science next February.

You go, girls! Especially our hometown inventor, Olivia Cohn.

(Hat tip: Jeff Mitchell)

Olivia Cohn, on TV.

Click below for a bootleg version of Olivia’s appearance. It has not yet been shown on the West Coast! Click here for the official version.


11 responses to “Good Morning, Olivia!

  1. Love this!!! Way to go! And a proud dad, too.

  2. Amazing job Olivia! That’s so impressive & so are you! Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow!


    Love this!

  4. Vanessa Bradford

    Wow! Way to go Olivia! And good for you!

  5. The comment about the beer bong was hilarious. What a cutie and such a bright young lady. She is full of personality!

  6. Fantastic!

  7. Way to go Olivia – she is engaging, smart & funny! The video is wonderful!

  8. As a fellow Inventor you are going to go really far!!!! Great job to both of you! Beer Bong reference is priceless…but that’s what Inventor collaboration is all about. It is a extra cool when it is father and daughter duo. 2 of my partners are father and son and it is truly inspiring to see them hard at work having fun and solving problems! Congrats Olivia and keep inventing! Simple solutions to common problems!

  9. Can’t wait till this is on the market — brilliant idea!

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