Unsung Heroes #120

Election Day is near.

For local candidates, it’s the end of a long slog. They’ve created and mailed campaign literature, knocked on doors, and put up (and replaced) road signs.

For voters, it’s a quick but important chore. We head to oour polling place, fill in some circles, buy baked goods to support the PTA, and leave.

For poll workers though, it’s a work day.

The men and women who check voters in (and cross check their names), hand out and collect ballots, and make sure nothing improper happens, are important, if barely noticed, parts of the democratic process.

For many workers, sure, it’s a chance to see friends and meet strangers. Yes, they get paid. (Though probably not enough.)

Still, it’s tedious and repetitive.

So when you vote on November 5, thank every poll worker you see.

They get every vote for Unsung Heroes.

A soothingly familiar scene, year after year in Westport.

3 responses to “Unsung Heroes #120


  2. Absolutely, positively our election workers are the best!
    Thanks for recognizing them Dan. Tedious though? Not a chance.
    The number of statutes that election workers must be sure that they, candidates and voters follow is too long to list. In the event that something goes awry, election worker are subject to prosecution by the CT Election Enforcement Commission.
    Election workers are in the polls by 5am and often leave after 10pm.
    In these times of concern about the integrity and security of our elections, they are our first line of defense. They are akin to the National Guard, called up to serve when the country needs them.
    So yes, please thank them. And recognize them for their service to America.

    • Well spoken Marla. And thank you for your service and the service of all the Registrar of voters. It can be for sure a thankless calling.

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