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Morning Report: Stop & Shop Strike

As the Stop & Shop strike continues into a 2nd day, an “06880” reader who requests anonymity writes:

I drove in at 8 this morning. I was asked by the picket line to “not shop here today,” and instead “shop at another store.” I politely told them that I couldn’t, due to time constraints.

I was the ONLY person in the store. It was a surreal experience, considering how busy that store usually is. I had to use the self checkout.

I spoke with a manager on the way out. She was the only one there, besides a manager in the back.

It was an odd scene. Nothing in the meat counter, the produce was a mess, etc.

I did see someone in the pharmacy, so I think that is open. Not sure about the bank.

What’s  your experience? Will you avoid Stop & Shop because of the picket line? Avoid it because of the lack of fresh food today, and/or the mess? If you’ve always gone there, what’s your Plan B? Click “Comments” below.

Westport Super Stop & Shop workers on strike yesterday. (Photo/Robin Singer)

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