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Friday Flashback #135

Hey, kids: Your parents are not that old.

Still, they grew up in a different world than yours.

Their video games did not come on a phone.

They were big. Really big. Like, not-even-fit-in-your-room big.

Check this out:

That was the scene at Arnie’s Place. It was a “video arcade” — have your parents used that term? — located where Ulta Beauty (formerly Anthropologie) is now, next to Balducci’s.

Maybe your mom or dad is in the photo above. He or she might even be that kid in the stroller. (Love that low-tech stroller. Yet the tot survived!)

As you can see, back in the day people played video games in groups. They also had to pay every single time! Here’s how:

That’s called an Arnie’s Place token. You bought them, then put them in the machines. Crazy, huh?

Just like today, some adults didn’t like video games. They tried to shut Arnie’s Place down. But the kids fought back:

Here’s the really funny part: Some of those kids from the 1970s and ’80s are your parents today.

Don’t let them tell you not to spend so much time on your games.

PS: In 2050, you’ll be telling your kids to stop playing games on their stupid microchipettes!

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