You Can Bank On It: Entitled Parkers Are Everywhere

It’s mid-August. Westport is as empty as it’s ever going to be.

Sure, it’s humid. But you won’t get heat exhaustion walking from the small parking lot on Avery Place, to the rear entrance of Chase Bank.

Of course, there are a couple of handicap spots for people who need them. Those folks are issued big blue placards.

This person does not have one.  And technically, he did not steal a handicap space.

But he — and judging by the aggressive parking job, I’m assuming it’s a guy — created his own personal parking spot by hogging the ramp next to a handicap one. You can clearly tell it’s there, by the robin-blue marking.

This happened at 10 a.m. There were plenty of spots available, says the “06880” reader who sent the photo to me.

She wants to remain anonymous. There’s no telling what someone as selfish as this could do to someone who simply wants common courtesy (and common sense) to prevail.

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