Late Arrival

Today’s “nor’easter” took its time arriving.

There were flurries all morning. Kids loved their day off from school. They didn’t even have to shovel. (Of course, there wasn’t enough snow to go sledding either.)

This was the scene around noon, at Compo Beach:

(Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

(Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

A bit inland on Imperial Avenue, snow dusted Grace Salmon Park:

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

By mid-afternoon, the snow was real:

(Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

Here was Wakeman Field, next to Bedford Middle School — often the windiest spot in Westport:

(Photo/Louise Lafontan)

Yet the winds were not as strong as forecast. The snow was not as heavy.

High winds and steady snow are still predicted, particularly from 5 to 7 p.m.

We shall see…

3 responses to “Late Arrival

  1. Larry and Betsy and Louise: thanks for being out in such stinky weather to keep us informed

  2. At 5:52, the snowfall is so thick, I can’t see the trees in my front yard.

  3. Larry, thank you for capturing the shot of me, my lovely wife Liz, and our trusty Berner Harper. It was a mess out there! -Jake