Pics Of The Day #320

Two views of Grace K. Salmon Park, on Imperial Avenue. And no, most of that water is not supposed to be there.

(Photos/Patricia McMahon)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #320

  1. John Brandt

    Grace Salmon was my Bedford Elementary School art teacher. Her park is the perfect way to celebrate her endless contributions to art and her reverence for nature. The water will recede. The park will endure. When things dry out, everyone should visit and enjoy the views of the river and the town center it circumscribes. And let’s not forget the birds. Spring is coming and so are they. She would like that.

    • John- thank you for identifying Grace Salmon. Westport has these wonderful little parks around the Saugatuck River that are often overlooked. There are Eloise Ray, Pasacreta, and Riverside Parks too that offer peace and quiet time. Westport can use neighborhood groups to take it upon themselves to help maintain them. Spring is coming!