Her Stepfather Was Killed By A Gun. Now Her Grassroots Campaign Is Taking Off.

“06880” reader Stephanie Berghoff writes:

On January 25 my beloved stepfather, Alan Abrahamson, became a victim of gun violence. He was killed by a single gunshot wound to the chest while walking to Starbucks in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Alan resided in West Hartford for most of his life. He was the nephew of Leo Nevas — Westport’s beloved lawyer, philanthropist and activist.

The idea that “this doesn’t happen to me” has happened. The phone call that my stepfather was killed will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Alan Abrahamson and Stephanie Berghoff

I have been directly affected by a national problem. I am dealing with grief and loss, due to gun violence.

I (as a Westport mother of 2 young children) and we (as a community and a nation) have endured too much heartache. We must protect our children and our families from the devastating impact guns are having on our society.

Like many others across this country — and more every day — I am committed to doing my part to help end gun violence.

Westport prides itself on our public school system. After yesterday’s terrifying scare at Staples, our community needs to join together to make changes happen.

Reducing gun violence is a non-partisan issue. No other nation on earth is forced to endure so much senseless violence.

My family has started a GoFundMe page. We are raising money for Everytown for Gun Safety, a non-profit organization committed to helping elect politicians who will support reforming our gun laws so that we can all live in a safer country.

What started as a grassroots campaign last weekend has already raised over $20,000.

Please click here to support the cause. Together, let’s make a difference!

One response to “Her Stepfather Was Killed By A Gun. Now Her Grassroots Campaign Is Taking Off.

  1. Richard Fogel

    get rid of guns. Im sorry for your loss

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