Will Apple Just Do It?

Word on the (Main) Street is that Westport’s Nike store will close this Wednesday (January 24).

Further word is that an Apple Store may move in.

That rumor has been around for years. Apple is notoriously secretive about their plans — for everything — so we won’t know for sure until it happens.

But if it does, plenty of excited Westporters will run right over.

The Nike store on Main Street.

14 responses to “Will Apple Just Do It?

  1. Joseph Thanhauser

    An Apple store so close will cost me a lot of money. On the other hand, it’ll save me a little gas.

  2. Nope. Going to be Sundance.

  3. Lawrence J Zlatkin

    Apple is much more likely to move to the new South Norwalk “mall” opening up next to 95. That new development, which can only add to our transportation woes, will have a big impact on Main Street.

  4. Apple hq2! Finally $$$ to solve housing & infrastructure! Still the problem of those pesky outsiders at the beach…

    • p.s. Where on earth will the kids find running wear for their feet now?!
      Bridgeport? Norwalk?

  5. Elisabeth Keane

    Remember that TBI Computer, which began in Westport and remained in Westport until a few years ago, is just down the road. Post Road, Norwalk, at the blinking lights and directly opposite the Norwalk firehouse. Next block west is Stew’s.

  6. I hope so!

  7. Dorothy Abrams

    Maybe an Apple Bank

  8. Elisabeth Keane

    TBI is an Apple computer store and always has been.

  9. There’s an Apple store in the Stamford Mall and another in the Trumbull Mall. Don’t you think having one in Westport is overdoing it? Also, I don’t think they would get the traffic necessary to make it profitable.

  10. Jim Honeycutt

    Dear Dan,

    Just a quick note…

    I love your blog. It is full of surprises. It keeps me connected to Westport and Staples High School. Yes, I am a big softy and miss teaching there terribly.

    Today I read about Suzanne Propp, a teacher who I tried so hard to get to come to the Staples Media Lab to record in ProTools studio. Almost got her there a few times. She is hot stuff and I wanted her to take advantage of the studio and make some records as we used to say.

    But the biggest Woog blog surprise came a day or so ago as I read that the the Nike Store on Main Street might become an Apple store.

    Not sure if you know… I have been working at the Apple Trumbull store since St. Patrick’s Day last year. It is a GREAT retirement gig for me. I get to talk to people all day long and do a lot teaching about Apple products. Without having to worry about working on “commission”, the job keeps me learning new things each day without the pressure you feel in the cel carrier stores which are all commission based. But the thought of Apple opening a store in Westport would be a HOOT for me. As an Apple employee I can request a transfer! How funny would that be?

    Thanks again Dan. I promise to keep a lookout for material for your blog. Still working on an angle for the Y’s Men Who Were There DVD project.

    Best regards. Your fan and friend, JIm Honeycutt

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  11. Dave Feliciano

    Happy to see the Nike Store close. The “help” there were unhelpful, and decidedly more interested in speaking to each other. They were unwilling to order and mail the next half size I required. The vast majority of my closets are filled with sneakers none that I would purchase at that store. I must admit took great relish in telling my friends, in the various clubs and organizations I belong to to avoid this establishment. The 2 athletic stores on the Post Road in Westport get my business.