Daybreak Hearing Postponed; New Application Submitted

The Planning & Zoning Commission’s public hearing scheduled for this Thursday (January 18) has been postponed.

The application for 500 Main Street — the Daybreak property — has been withdrawn. That application included 5 two-family dwellings, and 2 one-family homes, with at least 60% age-restricted units.

A new application — by the same Mel Barr, Barr Associates, LLC — has been received. This one includes the same number and size of dwellings, but is for 100% age-restricted units.

The new public hearing date is Thursday, February 1.

Front and rear views of an attached duplex planned for the Daybreak property.

12 responses to “Daybreak Hearing Postponed; New Application Submitted

  1. Wanda Tedesco

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  2. The property is only 2.2 acres in a zone of 1/2 acre home sites. It Is zoned for 4 homes or a nursery. The developer knew that when he bought it. So why should the town approve this application? My husband and I live on just over 2 acres. Is the town going to let us develop 7 dwellings on it with a target sales price of $1.2 million so we can make a lot of money flipping the parcel while adding to the town’s traffic problem?

    If this application is approved, then the town’s zoning laws mean nothing.

    • What a ridiculous analogy. Why is it always an eye for an eye? The traffic in and out of Daybreak was 10x more a contributor to traffic than this proposal. Now there’s the opportunity to create more housing for an age bracket that needs it, while finally cleaning up a major eye sore and all most people can think about is themselves.

      • There was hardly any traffic due to the Daybreak nursery in the last 10 years of its existence and most was on weekends when there is no commuter and bus traffic. That is why the nursery failed and the lot was sold in a foreclosure auction.

        Do you think people who are interested in retiring will want to purchase a $1.2 million dwelling surrounded by state routes where the land is at high risk of imminent domain action?

      • Age bracket that needs it? According to Census data, 48.9% of Westport homes have a 55-or-older dweller. Hence, this development is not addressing a town need. If it were for actual seniors (defined by the town as 65 or older for beach permits, access to senior center, etc) then it would be something. For now, it is just more of the same, developer looking to sell homes to families with high-school aged children…

  3. Arline Gertzoff

    Before any development of the site begins the nightmare intersection needs to be reconfigured and made safe for all.Itis insane to build houses then wait around to fix this mess.Any site approval by PandZmust include a safe intersection .I have gone from childhood to senior citizen and the matter still has not been addressed .It is time for state and local action before worrying about houses for people who want to dowwnsize

  4. Bonnie Dubson

    This site plan application was withdrawn because the applicant failed to give PROPER NOTICE to the water company and Commissioner of Public Health per CT General Statutes which concerns the aquifer protection area.
    Per (Sec. 8-3i) notice to the water company and Commissioner of Public Health need to be given by certified mail within 7 days of filing date (9/14/17). The applicant wrote notice letters on Jan. 9, 2018., well after the 7-day notice period.
    The applicant failed to comply with both the timeliness and method of sending. It is very disheartening that these deficiencies needed to be pointed out by a concerned citizen, and were not caught by the P&Z nor the Commissioners who are charged with vetting these applications.

    • Right on, Bonnie! How come the town of Monroe can do so much better – see here:
      “Attn:  Planning and Zoning Applicants
      If you are making an application to the Town of Monroe Planning and Zoning Commission, please be advised of your notification requirements of Section 8‐3i of the Connecticut General Statues, regarding property located within an aquifer protection area or watershed area of a public water company.
      It is the applicant’s statutory responsibility to notify Aquarion Water Company and the Connecticut State Department of Public Health of an application submission to the Town of Monroe Planning and Zoning Commission NOT LATER THAN SEVEN DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF THE APPLICATION SUBMISSION.   
      Said notification shall be sent Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.   
      A copy of the sent notification and Certified Mail Receipts must be provided to the Planning and Zoning Department upon completion to confirm compliance.”
      We are now seeing a little trick of withdrawal and resubmission to restart the clock on the 7 day count. Where is punishment for the non-compliance in the first place?

  5. Bart Shuldman

    Can Westport build housing for our seniors? This is a perfect application for age restricted housing that is much needed for Westport. The traffic argument seems wrong as many many cars could be using this location if another commercial entity is built.

    Can Westport do it?

    • The only commercial entity that is allowed to be built there is another nursery. Not going to happen given the previous one did not have enough customers and went out of business.
      Defining 55-year olds as seniors is misleading and, as stated above, half the households in town already fit this “age restriction.” Actual seniors are 65 and older. All for developing housing for them in town but this is the wrong spot to house the elderly.
      The development as proposed will house families with high-school children. Twelve of them. On 2 acres of land.

      • There are lots of 55 year old men with wives the same age or younger who have high school age children. I should know, because that description fit our family! This proposed development only requires one person per household to be 55 or older. Staples is the crown jewel of our education system, and that’s where we have the most in-migration.

  6. Our State of Connecticut is in disarray and we must live with it. Exit 42 has cars merging with Main street ,Easton road and Weston road.It seems as though no one knows how to yield or what to do . It is dangerous. Weston road traffic is on the rise and is the main access for the police, fire trucks and ambulances to and from the Merritt. Weston road is also the route to follow and given by waze when there is congestion elsewhere. This won’t be fixed. The State has no money . We cannot do roundabouts. I do not see police stopping speeders on Weston Road. This confusion, congestion and speeding will only get worse. I would Like our P and Z to put our safety first .Cluster housing on that corner is not safe . I now understand make America great again but we need to focus on keeping Westport great and that means first and foremost keeping us all as safe as possible.