Here’s Why They Call It A “Snow Bank”

It’s 43 degrees today, and people are as giddy as the first day of spring.

But that doesn’t change the fact that — nearly a week after our big snowstorm — this is the scene at People’s Bank:

An alert — and frustrated — reader writes:

I was coming back from town, and had to walk IN TRAFFIC on the Post Road to get by the bank.

I went in immediately and asked to see the manager. The person at the counter wanted to know what for, so I told her. The manager came out with some excuse or other. I was so upset I didn’t listen closely, having just had my life on the line on the street.

Another guy who was there admonished me for my angry tone of voice. Oh yeah, make ME the bad guy.

By my count the snow storm was five days ago. They should be fined at the least. Hope nobody gets killed on the Post Road.

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