Westporters Can Keep Helping Cesar Batalla School

Westporters responded quickly — and generously — to Friday’s post about a toy drive at Bridgeport’s Cesar Batalla School.

But there is still an enormous need.

The school serves children in the highest poverty brackets. Some live in shelters. Their families have no money for basic necessities — let alone holiday gifts.

Here’s something new: a link to a special Amazon page. With a couple of clicks, you can send real presents — ones kids only dream of — direct to the the school. (The address is 606 Howard Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06606.)

Westport’s Nicole Straight, surrounded by some of the students she volunteers with at the Cesar Batalla School.

Here’s another way to help: Through Christmas, Lisa Savone will personally deliver gifts to the school. Donations can be dropped off at her clothing store, Lucy’s (23 Jesup Road, next to Green & Tonic, across from Westport Library), Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 12 to 5 p.m. If parking is an issue, just pull into the driveway next to the store.

Need alternative arrangements? Email lisa@lucysanswers.com.

“We can make it happen!” Lisa says. “Let’s show these kids that Westport really cares!”

But wait! There’s more!

WestportMoms — the great online group — is organizing a real-live toy drive for Cesar Batalla School on Sunday, December 17. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., they’ll fil a moving truck in Levitt Pavilion parking lot.

There are 20 days left before Christmas. That’s plenty of time to make it a memorable holiday for the wonderful boys and girls at this great — but needy — school.

8 responses to “Westporters Can Keep Helping Cesar Batalla School

  1. Julie Fatherley

    Thank you, Dan, for sharing this very important information.

  2. Elina Lublinsky


  3. I just heard from Scott Hardy. He’s a Westport resident, and owner of The Boat Locker. Three years ago he relocated from Westport to Bridgeport — just 100 yards from Cesar Batalla School. He’s happy to help in any way if needed. He has a couple of vans (aka “white sleighs” for this purpose), and would be happy to transport any size mountain of toys that need to the school.

    He says, “I’m not heavy, I have no beard, but I love this community, I’m in the spirit and don’t need a red nosed mammal to get me there!”

    You can contact him directly: scott@boatlocker.com,

  4. Greens Farms Congrational are doing the same for the Skane School in Bport

  5. The Unitarian Church supports the Beardsley School in Bridgeport.

  6. Britt Anderson

    When I go check out Amazon wants to ship to me. Will you please post (repost?) the school’s address?

    • Nicole Straight

      606 Howard Avenue
      Bridgeport CT 06605
      I’ve been volunteering there for 3 years. There’s a family resource center at the school that takes ALL donations, sheets, clothes, dishes, you name it! Call ahead to see when they’re open, this is the direct line-‭(203) 579-8526‬

  7. Deepti Mohindroo

    I thought we can take our kids out to Toys RUS or Amazon to buy something from their money and then go and drop it on the 17 th


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