Unsung Hero #22

Last Friday, a man suffered cardiac arrest on the Norwalk LA Fitness basketball court.

Nancy Surace was working out nearby. When the Westport EMT heard the commotion, she swung into action.

As the man turned purple, she began CPR. Rhythmically, she pumped his chest and gave breaths.

“She was totally calm and confident,” reports Sheri Warshaw, who arrived as the event unfolded. “She was completely in control.”

Someone brought an AED. Nancy applied the pads, but no shock was needed. The man had a pulse. His color was returning.

As he regained consciousness, Nancy spoke quietly to the man.

Norwalk first responders arrived. When he was wheeled out, he smiled.

“Nancy single-handedly saved his life,” Sheri says with awe.

And then — as soon as the medics left — Nancy went right back to her workout.

There’s no doubt: Nancy Surace is our Unsung Hero of the Week.

Nancy Surace

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5 responses to “Unsung Hero #22

  1. Once read on a hospital wall, “there are angela among us, disguised as nurses and doctors”

    Amazing story, thanks Nancy

  2. God Bless You and your patient! Well Done!

  3. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    AND our First Responders are also angels in disguise, always there and ready to help. Well done Nancy. Thank You.

  4. Amazing Nancy! What a great story and you
    saved a life!

  5. Brian Crane Crew Chief Westport EMS, Staples Class '81

    Nancy is also a member of the Westport EMS Bike Team. If you were at the fireworks at Compo this year you may have seen her on patrol. We are all exceptionally proud of her.