Photo Challenge #147

It’s tough to post a photo challenge involving the Compo Beach cannons.

But Lynn U. Miller found a way.

The talented photographer took a close-up shot of a spot every Westporter — and everyone who has ever been here — knows well. (Click here for the photo.)

Her image fooled most “06880” readers. Not Craig Clark and Elaine Marino, though. They’re as eagle-eyed as the colonists who spotted the British arriving offshore 240 years ago!

Here’s the next photo challenge:

The plaque — photographed by Westport tree warden Bruce Lindsay — seems important. What better group to honor than all of our local veterans, living and dead?

But even Westport’s most involved citizens probably don’t know where to find it.

If you do, click “Comments” below. And if you’ve got a back story about who dedicated the plaque, and why it’s where it is, let us know.


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