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Another Staples Reunion — With A Twist

Every winter, a bunch of retired Staples folks get together for a mini-reunion in Florida.

Still, after spending so many years working in Westport, they know there’s no place like “home.”

So last Thursday, the 1st-ever “Staples Retiree Reunion” was held at the picnic area near the Longshore marina.

Former staff members — teachers, administrators, secretaries, nurses, you name it — gathered to socialize, reminisce and laugh.

Front Row: Alice Addicks (grade level assistant), Jyl King (secretary), Elaine Haner (secretary), Camy Rando (secretary). : Rear: Bill Brookes (science), Alan Jolley (math), Ernie Harrington (science) Geza Taranko (secretary), Amedeo Cannone (dean), Jeff Lea (French).

The crowd included spouses, and one “retiree-in-training.”

Former vice principal Lee Littrell organized the event.

They stayed as long as they wanted. There were no bells.

Front Row: Joanne Kalif, Todd Kalif (dean) Lee Littrell (vice principal). Rear: Drew Strauss (science), Carol Burgess (nurse). (Photos/Bruce McFadden [science])

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