Westport Needs YOU To Run For The RTM

Westport has many wonders. One of the most overlooked is the RTM.

Our Representative Town Meeting is a throwback to 1600s New England. Every citizen no longer gathers to vote on each expenditure, removing a maple tree from the town green or whether Goody Staples is a witch.

But our town government — 36 members from 9 districts, who give final approval to the town budget, and vote on all appropriation requests greater than $20,000; approve town ordinances, and review decisions of boards and commissions — is strong, storied and quite “representative.”

Members serve 2-years — and are elected on a non-partisan basis. The entire RTM will be voted on this fall.

Starting today, anyone interested in running for the RTM can pick up a petition in the town clerk’s office (Town Hall, room 105).

Then all you need are 25 signatures from voters in your district. Presto! You’re on the November 7 ballot.

Democracy is alive and well in Westport. But it won’t work without you.

(For more information, email town clerk Patricia Strauss at pstrauss@westportct.gov, or call 203-341-1105.)

5 responses to “Westport Needs YOU To Run For The RTM

  1. Andrew Colabella

    Count me in!

  2. Andrew Colabella

    You’ll see my name this coming November on the ballot

  3. Pat Welburg


    Been in Westport over 45 yrs
    “My Town”. Is No Longer my town
    Very very very sad the “evolution”
    Of what was once the most enviable place to live in America.

    Like most old timers here
    We are leaving in Droves.

    Very, Very Sad.


  4. Jacques Voris

    Well, she was a witch, Roger Ludlow swore Goody Knapp said so!

  5. Jack Whittle

    Gteat post Dan, and amen – get active in the governence of the town you live in! It sure beats simply posting complaints about how the Town is run here. You CAN make a difference. Trust me on this.

    Of course, just complaining is easier.