Photo Challenge #129

It’s a medium-size playground for little kids, with a big name.

Last week’s photo challenge showed wooden climbing structures, in a wooded clearing. (Click here for the image.)

Ten alert readers knew this hidden gem is on Weston Road, just north of Ford Road (next to Bridgewater Associates’ headquarters).

Called the Leonard Schine Preserve and Children’s Natural Playground, it’s part of the Aspetuck Land Trust’s vast, wonderful holdings. To find out more, click here(But sssshhhh! It’s our little secret!)

Congratulations to Joan Tricarico, Evan Stein, Fran White, Julie Fatherley, Stan Skowronski, Bob Fatherley, Rachel Polin, Grady Flinn (just 9 years old!), Alexandra Wiberg and David Brant.

This week’s photo challenge has 2 parts:

  • What is this, and
  • Where in Westport can you find it?

If you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

22 responses to “Photo Challenge #129

  1. It’s a tile from The River of Tiles on the lower level of the Library.

  2. Isn’t that the old Staples/old town Hall and it’s part of the mural thing on lower floor of the library?

    • Yes — the original Staples, depicted on a tile in the “River of Names” mural on the lower level of the Westport Library. (NOT the old Town Hall though, Ana — sorry!).

  3. The library mural on the ground level.

  4. Michael Calise

    Rendering Old Staples High School was on Riverside Avenue

  5. Chip Stephens. Staples 73

    Looks like the original greens farms school before renovation and expansion

  6. Seth Schachter

    Definitely the old Staples High School located in Saugatuck (just can’t see the neat cupola that rises to the building’s highest point) . I think this is from the ‘The River of Tiles’ in the Library.

  7. Rosalie Kaye

    Original Y…a tile on the Library wall…Jesup Green level.

  8. Philip Millstein

    This is the original Staples building that was referred to as Old Staples Hall when I was a student at Bedford Junior High in the sixties. It is on Riverside Avenue. I believe Saugatuck School is now located there.
    Phil Millstein
    Princeton, Nj

  9. Cathy Romano

    Old Staples

  10. Library tile wall

  11. Leslie Flinn

    The “history of Westport” tiles on floor of the Library.

  12. The old Staples (destroyed) to the left of the former-Staples-now-Saugatuck-Elementary on Riverside Avenue. And it’s remembered in a tile on the delightful wall on the first floor of the Library, the River of Names/Tiles. Betty Lou Cummings headed up this fundraiser for the renovation of the Library around 1995. I’m so proud that my dad’s Little Toot children’s book is in another tile. The artist who designed the tiles was incredibly creative! Name, Dan?

  13. Barbara Railton-Jones

    The tile wall on the lower floor of the Westport Library?

  14. Is it the original library building, now a retail shop? And this tile is part of the “riverwalk” at the Westport Public Library.

  15. Dan Beddingfield

    Staples High school (original) on Riverside Avenue

  16. Mousumi Ghosh

    tile on lower level of Westport Library?

  17. Susan Huppi

    This was the old Staples building….part of Bedford Junior high later in the 60’s and 70’s. Some of the music classes were held there.