What A Dump!

Exactly one week ago, an alert “06880” reader sent me this photo of Parker Harding Plaza:

It shows another side of Westport’s Entitled Driver Syndrome: Someone who for whatever reason can’t be bothered to go to the transfer station, or post on Craigslist. (Note the 2 “Notice” signs nearby, explaining proper dumpage.)

I decided not to run the image. I figured someone would snag the sofa even before the regular trash pickup.

This morning, it was still there.

But now there’s a name attached. “FOR SALE!! Please see Dorece,” it says.

Think that’s bad?

Check out this rear view of the dumpster station — from the side closest to the river:

I’ve posted similar photos before.

And I’ll keep posting them, until someone takes ownership of what is supposed to be our upscale downtown.

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