Pic Of The Day #57

5:15 a.m.: Full strawberry moon over Nyala Farm (Photo/David Squires)

9 responses to “Pic Of The Day #57

  1. Jim Gallagher

    Many fond memories of years with Stauffer Chemical Co.,

  2. Nancy Hunter


  3. Patricia Scanlan

    Beautiful photo, a painting.

  4. Art Schoeller

    A beautiful shot. I love passing by on my many bike rides. So many different sunsets and cloud scapes here. The moon here is the extra icing on the cake.

    The “wishing well” and surrounding 22.5 acres of open space are there because the Greens Farms Association fought for them.

    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

    • Michael Calise

      Just for a little clarification. Around 1967 I was an RTM member from district 5. (Greens Farms) Our then town planner was a gentleman named Don Bremmner. At that time the Town Planner was appointed by the First Selectman as the position is now. Don was appointed by John Kemish or his predecessor Herb Baldwin. The Westport P & Z was appointed by the First Selectman. Don devised a zoning designation known as Design Development District (DDD) which essentially was created to encourage a broader tax base for Westport with low impact commercial uses. The very first application was by Nyala Farms for Stauffer Chemical. It was at this time (1967) that the Greens Farms Association was formed specifically to fight the Stauffer Chemical Application. It goes without saying this was a highly contentious time. The DDD Zone was designed to require contained development with an abundance of open space as you see now. If the Greens Farms Association had prevailed in opposition we would all be looking at fifty or so 1970’s colonials and a bigger school budget among other things. It may be that the Greens Farms Associtation had an impact on the final development but the standards were already in place to guarantee the Open Space we all see. Today this property is highly revered for its estecic beauty and for the fact that it is Westport’s highest taxpayer with vitually few services required. Don Bremmner was a visionary whose zoning ideas have benefited our community for over a half century. Unfortunately the great controversy caused him to be dismissed. He quickly left town for some off continent place. Subsequently the public demanded that we go from an appointed P & Z to an elected P & Z where we are today. The DDD story doesn’t end there but for now I will.

  5. Fond memories of the dairy, back in the day.

  6. Joyce Barnhart

    Having passed this scene countless times, I’m so pleased to see this lovely photo. The other pics of the day have also been beautiful. This is a great new feature.

  7. Jonathan Maddock

    The well-cover has been there as long as I can remember…at least 1960. I’m sure it has been repaired over the years, but it just seems to remain in a time warp.

  8. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    I lost my father when I was four in ’56. One of my last and fondest memories of him was parking the car right at this spot, crossing the field and petting the cows. Later when I was 14, a couple of friends and I would sit on that hill and shoot woodchucks with our scoped .22’s. Never had a landowner complaint and never saw a cop although my 1st brother in law was a Westport cop so I know it was OK. When I read about USMC scout-snipers lately I always think of my woodchuck hunting days with my buddies Tom Horelick, Tom Lomas and Jim Munsell. Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end.