Photo Challenge #128

Only 3 readers knew that the old-fashioned horn featured in last week’s photo challenge is perched atop the Saugatuck fire station.

But Bill Kiedaisch, Peter Hirst and David Eason knew it because, like many others who grew up here back in the day, the horn was an important part of their lives.

It signaled noon, and 5 p.m.

And whenever there was a fire, it summoned volunteers to the scene. (If you knew the code, you could watch the blaze too.)

Few people notice the horn anymore. But I hope it stays on top of the firehouse forever. (Click here for the photo, and all the comments.)

It’s not hard to figure out what this week’s photo shows:

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

The challenge is figuring out where this great playground can be found.

If you know, click “Comments” below.

17 responses to “Photo Challenge #128

  1. Joan Tricarico

    I think this is a playground at the Aspetuck Land Trust at Glendinning Place.

  2. New natural playground by exit 42.
    I’m impressed it’s still standing. When we went last year it was us ( from NYC) and a family from upstate.
    We loved it but my sons (4 and 8) could have ripped it apart. Don’t let the kids who pulled down the Staples family tombstones learn about it.

  3. In other news, Westport town officials just unveiled an innovative new permitting process for those who wish to put perfectly good buildings in landfills or clear cut lots of mature trees to build goofy glop made of plastic.

    The charmingly rustic obstacle course is much more challenging than it looks and the developers will be obligated to navigate it while carrying a large stump and being timed by a zoning enforcement officer.

  4. I’ll bet the noon and 5 o’clock blasts on the fire horn also had something to do with signaling workers in the onion fields too, in addition to a call for volunteer firemen to a fire incident. We used the 5 o;clock to know when to head for home for dinner.

  5. It is part of Aspetuck Land Trust off Weston Road, just north of intersection of Ford Road and Lyons Plains. My grandgirls love it.

  6. Edward Bloch

    I think it is the nature-friendly playground in the Newman-Poses Preserve on Bayberry Lane.

  7. Julie Fatherley

    Lovely Shine Preserve in Glendenning ….such fun for teaching children
    what can be done using natural elements….Julie Fatherley

  8. Yes indeed — the little known but quite fun nature-playground in the Aspetuck Land Trust off Weston Road, next to the Glendinning (Bridgewater) office complex. Now the secret is out!

  9. Stan Skowronski

    Leonard Schine Preserve Family Nature Trail, Westport

  10. Bob Fatherley

    Aspetuck Land Trust Natural Playground in Westport

  11. Chip Stephens. Staples 73

    Back to last weeks fire horn picture .
    Every time there was a fire call It did blast a 3 number code ( ala Morse code , number blast ….pause….. number…. pause….).
    The code for each street was always published in the local phone book for all to follow where the alarm was….
    Kids you can research Morse code and phone book for a better understanding. It was prre blogs, pre tweet, pre hand held device, and pre cell phone……

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker

      Thanks Chip. I was going to mention the fire code last week but decided not to. You could hear it all over town and far beyond. My Dad had the code memorized and always knew where the fire was. And the five o’clock whistle… we’d better be home by 5:05 or we were in trouble……

  12. Rachel Polin

    It’s Aspetuck Land Trust Natural Playground near bridge water

  13. Leslie Flinn

    Leonard Shine Preserve (submitted on behalf of nine year old Grady Flinn, your faithful reader!).

  14. Alexandra Wiberg

    This playground looks like the one on the trails in between Glendenning Place and West Branch Rd in Westport, near the Weston line.

  15. Impressive ID’s by 06880 readers. This is indeed our popular “Tower” at the Natural Playground at Aspetuck Land Trust’s Leonard Schine Preserve in Westport. The playground was built in 2010 to encourage free, unstructured play, something that is sadly disappearing in our society. Every parent should read “How to Raise an Adult” by Julie Lythcott-Haims.

  16. Check out the huge ‘Bird’s Nest’ just steps away from here. Designed, built, by Eagle Scout Richard Costello Troop 100. Westport. Working with David Brant of the Aspetuck Land Trust. This Leonard Shine Preserve is a wonderful place for kid’s to explore nature.