July 3!

Last year, some hard-to-please Westporters bitched and moaned because the 4th of July fireworks were held on June 30th.

Folks have complained about July 1 and 2 dates too.

There are several reasons why we can’t do fireworks on July 4. But this year we’ve got the next best thing.

The 2017 show — produced by Westport PAL, sponsored by Melissa & Doug, with fireworks from the great Gruccis — are scheduled for Monday, July 3.

Tickets for the 61st annual event go on sale tomorrow (Thursday, June 1). They’re available — first-come, first-serve — at the Police Department (50 Jesup Road) and the Parks and Rec  office (Longshore, across from the 1st tee).

Westporters also sometimes bitch and moan that the cost is $35 per car. Well, proceeds fund a ton of PAL programs. And the entire evening is unrivaled for fun, and a community feeling.

Oh, yeah: The rain date is Wednesday, July 5.

We’ve got the 4th surrounded.

Westport’s fireworks, as seen from Hillspoint Road.


14 responses to “July 3!

  1. Karen Howes

    Dan, a bit harsh on the words…

  2. Elizabeth Thibault

    I think you captured the tone and tenor of the comments/sentiments over the last few years, while missing the gripes of people having to clear out of the beach beforehand. I’m just going to wish everyone a happy 4th for several days and be done with it. Looking forward to the holiday already!

  3. When I was a kid it was $3.00. And it has aways been an awesome show.
    Well worth it. (And, it is not as if today’s Westporters can’t “afford” $35.00)

  4. Who got the 4th?

  5. Diane Cady

    Dan, we Oldies know your comments are well above the stuff you and we have heard. The history of the fireworks includes that our town handled the fireworks for years while other towns signed up with the pro’s and got the July 4 dates signed up. I am impressed we got the July 3rd! Way to go.

    • Fred Roberts

      The July 3rd has nothing to do with the availability of the “pro’s” to do it, it is the Parks and Rec and town policy that stipulates that they cannot be on the 4th. Also, the company that is contracted to do the display is one of the best in the country. We are lucky to have them perform the shows.

  6. Nancy Hunter

    What the COVFEFE?! Why can’t Memorial Day parades and Independence Day fireworks take place during spring rain? Silly.

    • You can’t have fireworks in the rain. Nor can you have 15,000 people on the beach in what might be thunder and lightning.

      • Nancy Hunter

        Of course you can have fireworks and parades in the rain!
        Thunderstorms are forecasted, no?

  7. Carolanne Curry

    I can get into the 3rd…
    It’s going to be one good long weekend: sat, sun, mon and tue.
    What do we know about the weather , Dan?

  8. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    O.K. I’m old. I wasn’t going to comment but in case someone who knows the history of fireworks on the beach see this……I was thinking that way back in the olden days the fireworks were free and the fire department put them on. If I am right I am sure that while fun and a family night on the beach the fireworks were a lot less spectacular than the professional versions we see now all over the country.

    • Also, they used to be set off right by the cannons — not from a barge. I remember the smell clearly. I shudder to think of the liability issue today if an accident happened so close to so many people!