Rick Benson To The Rescue

Two days ago, I posted a piece about the missing Rotary Club sign on Wilton Road. I described Rick Benson — the member helping replace it — as “the guy you call on whenever something needs doing.”

I wasn’t kidding.

Almost instantly, I got an email from Claire England, operations director at Greens Farms Church.

She said:

Last week one of the 4 finials on the steeple blew down during that gusty wind.

Thanks to Rick, it’s now safe again. He removed the rotten finials. We’ll cap the spots where they stood while we consider whether/how to replace them. The church looks as beautiful as ever.

I was very glad to see Rick and the crew working with him safely back on the ground at the end of it. Definitive proof that being a church trustee is not just a desk job.

Rick Benson (right) in action.

That’s not the first time the steeple needed attention. In the mid-1800s — when the church was already 150 years old — it fell.

In 1950, a hurricane that killed 2 Westporters toppled it again. The steeple spent 2 months on the front lawn, before being hoisted back into place.

Of course, back then Rick Benson was not around to help.

Then again, there was no YouTube either:

(Hat tip: Kara Sullivan)

6 responses to “Rick Benson To The Rescue

  1. I’m not surprised to hear this. Rick Benson is one of the hardest working and most involved members of the Westport Rotary Club. When there’s something that needs doing, he’s the man to go to. Jane Sherman

  2. Tom Feeley Sr

    Good show Rick.
    Up pretty high for a Navy guy👏👍🏼🇺🇸

  3. Jacques Voris

    Back then the church congregation was 150 years old…by the 1850s it was at least the third building…

  4. Rick? Great guy, great worker, dedicated Westporter, and humanitarian! Nice!

  5. Rick Beispel

    Rick is a total go-to, can do, guy.

  6. Christine Baksay Harrington

    When it went down in 1950,my Dad and brothers helped put it back up. My Dad Lou Baksay wired the Steeple. He was an Elictrical Engineer