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Igor Pikayzen’s Classical Dream

Igor Pikayzen has not forgotten his roots.

Before he graduated in 2005, he was already one of the most talented violinists’ in Staples High School’s long and treasured musical history.

Pikayzen went on to Juilliard, then earned a master’s degree and artist’s diploma from Yale University. Now he’s completing his doctor of musical arts at the CUNY Graduate Center. He also teaches at Brooklyn Conservatory.

Igor Pikayzen, soon after graduating from Staples.

He’s appeared as a soloist with major orchestras across 4 continents. He has played at Carnegie Hall and Alice Tully Hall in New York, Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, Le Teatro Sant-Cugat in Barcelona and Cadogan Hall in London, to name a few.

Pikayzen’s live performances and recordings have been broadcast on WXQR WQXR, and around the globe. He’s won numerous competitions.

You get the idea: He’s one of the world’s great violinists.

But Pikayzen still holds Westport close to his heart. He returns when he can to teach master classes for Adele Valovich’s Staples orchestra.

Pikayzen loves classical music, and wants to pass along his passion to the next generation.

Now he’s one step closer to doing that.

Igor Pikayzen, ready to return to Westport.

Edelio — the name is Old Greek, meaning “eternally youthful — is an innovative music festival debuting in Westport this June.

Founded with the twin missions of performance and education, Edelio aims to bring bold programming — including not just classical repertoire, but jazz, crossover and contemporary — while inspiring future generations of music lovers and musicians.

Edelio promises Westporters the chance to enjoy worldwide premieres and Beethoven quartets — and to watch children collaborating with international artists.

Pikayzen’s project is starting from scratch. He plans 4 concerts for June.

“I play a lot of festivals, all over the world,” Pikayzen explains. “I’ve seen world musicians converge on small villages. There’s no reason we can’t have that in Westport.”

Edelio launches on Wednesday, March 1, at Steinway of Westport. Pikayzen will perform a wide-ranging program. Guests can learn about his dreams.

And hear world-class music, right here, from one of our own.

(For tickets and more information about the March 1 event, click here. To learn more about Edelio — including sponsorship — click here.)


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