Fund Set Up For Reda Gul’s Family

Last week, “06880” reported the tragic news of the death — in a Pakistan automobile accident — of Reda Gul. The 2016 Staples High School graduate had returned to her native country, to study medicine.

Many Westporters know the Gul family. Reda’s father Zahoor works as a handyman and taxi driver. He previously worked at the Westport Library, stacking shelves and doing other tasks.

He is beloved by older Westporters. He shovels their walks and cleans their gutters.

Reda Gul

Reda Gul

Keeping his family — there are 2 younger brothers — afloat in Westport is a constant struggle. But he knows the schools are good, and it’s the best thing for them.

Somehow he manages to send money home, to his extended family.

Reda’s mother, Nishat, is a cashier at CVS. You may have seen there.

While at Staples, Reda worked at Lester’s clothing store, across from Fresh Market. A kind and cheerful girl, she earned extra money as a babysitter.

In the wake of this tragedy, Westporter Jim Kremens organized a GoFundMe page. The goal is to help the family pay for the considerable and unexpected funeral expenses, which included sending Nishat to Pakistan on short notice. Funds will also enable the Guls to maintain some financial stability through this difficult time.

To aid our Westport neighbors, click here.

2 responses to “Fund Set Up For Reda Gul’s Family

  1. I guess everybody’s just too sad to post a comment here. But almost 90 people have contributed on the GoFundMe page. Thank you for giving our community a way to express itself.

  2. I met Reda when she was six or so, after my daughter Julia invited her to our house for a play date.She arrived wearing a lovely white dress and new white shoes. She gave me a bouquet of flowers. She was quiet and sweet, and had a beaming smile – what a lovely little girl. My heart is breaking for Mr. and Mrs. Gul, and Reda’s brothers. I can’t imagine their sorrow.

    Dan – thank you once again for the outreach and letting Westporters know how they could help the Gul family. The response was immediate and generous. It makes me proud to be from Westport.