The Day After: Part 2

Around the world today, hundreds of thousands of people protested against President Trump. Here are some photos, taken by and of Westporters:

Sandra Long saw this sign at the Westport train station....

Sandra Long saw this sign at the Westport train station.

Anne Hardy took this photo in Grand Central. “The train ride was phenomenal,” she says. “Very collaborative.”

Westporters Clare Clark and Penny Pearlman attended the Stamford march….

…. while Natasha Bowens and her crew were in DC….

… and Staples Class of 1956 graduate David Wunsch was part of an “enormous turnout” in Boston…

…while Westporter Sheila Ward sent this from Nashville.

The women’s march welcomed all genders. This is longtime Westporter John Suggs and his 14-year-old daughter Rachel.

Fred Cantor was also in Stamford, with his wife Debbie Silberstein. It was his 1st protest since a Vietnam event freshman year at Yale. Fred called the rally near Trump Parc “definitely inspirational — a large turnout composed of a true cross-section of America.”

Also in Stamford: Audrey Rabinowitz and Bobbie Herman.

Staples Class of 2011 grad KD DeVoll (center) and friends, at the Washington march.

Westporter Katherine Ross took this photo in New York. She said: “This is what democracy looks like.”

Riley Baker is a Westporter who goes to school near Boston. She called that city’s rally “an incredible day of speeches, activism, and coming together with 125,000 other people who share the same goals and beliefs I do.”

Westporters Lisa Marriott and Pam Einarsen (right), with Laura Fishman and Marianne, found “the longest line ever for the metro” in Washington.

Among the many signs Amy Leonard saw in New York, this one stood out.

This final photo of Washington comes from Melissa Kane, chair of the Westport Democratic Committee. She heard that the crowd in that city alone was 1.2 million.



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