The Day After: Part 1

Scenes from the day after the inauguration of President Trump:

Molly Dubson. a Westport 4th grader, prepared a sign for her 1st political rally. She plans to report on it for her journalism class. She thinks many of President Trump’s comments on race and gender would get him kicked out of school.

Westporters Ella and Zoe Alpert, Katie Simons and Layla Bloomingdale in Baltimore, on their way to Washington Friday night for the women’s march. This morning, Lilly Bloomingdale reported, the line at the train station there was around the building. “Great vibe, everyone positive” she said.

Siobhan Crise took this photo at 1:38 a.m., waiting in the Saugatuck train station parking lot for a bus to DC. Saugatuck parking lot#1. “Friendly Westport police officer keeping an eye on the gathering. Spirits high,” she said.

Westport photographer Irene Penny writes: “In the spirit of equality for all, I teamed up with local French Hollywood actress Stephanie Szostak (‘Iron Man 3,’ ‘Devil Wears Prada,’ ‘Satisfaction’ TV series) to make some art.”

Amy Leonard, Ann Pawlick, Jenny Robson, Diane Connolly, Faith Taylor and Joan Richardson at the Westport train station, en route to the New York march.

Diane Yormark and Pippa Bell Ader are march marshals in DC.

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